Who is Hady?

The first nine years of my working life, I was an active practitioner of the media arts. I started out from the bottom, working as both video editor and production assistant on multiple projects simultaneously. I worked my way up, and within two years, I managed to establish myself as a writer, director and producer. I had reached the top, and I maintained my position until the end of my media career.

Though media (writing in particular) is my passion, as soon as I started a family, I quickly realised that it would not be pragmatic to remain in an industry that has changed at a glacial pace (especially in terms of monetary compensation) in the past ten years or so. Add on several other hard-hitting factors, and it became such an easy decision to leave the media industry once and for all.

I left back in November 2015.

Fast-forward to today, I am now a wealth management adviser with one of the biggest Muslim-friendly financial agencies in the country. Within the first six months of my financial career, I had already made more than what I earned in a year in my old media job, and more importantly, I had more time for my family and my close friends.

Perks aside, the one thing that really made me appreciate this job compared to what I had before is the fact that I now truly have the ability to make a difference in people’s lives, including my own. With all due respect, I acknowledge the cultural, artistic and technical significance that media practitioners still possess in our society. However, in retrospect, I can’t think of a moment whereby I personally witnessed my work affecting an individual’s life for the better.

Alhamdulillah, now, I feel more in control of my work, and more fulfilled because of the work I do. The feeling of knowing you have helped a family member, a close friend, a former colleague, or even a stranger plan their finances properly, completely and to their best interest in order to protect theirs’ and their families’ dreams is incomparable.

My ultimate goal is to ensure that I touch as many lives as possible with the same care, quality and service that I would want for myself. And my pledge to all my clients is as follows:

“Conducting my business with integrity is my utmost priority. This means putting your needs first, being objective and transparent, and delivering quality service.”

So if you’re keen on starting your own journey of being money mindful, contact me. Don’t worry about products being pushed in your face, or being obliged to do business straightaway. It’s more important for me to get to know you better, and to understand what I can do for you in the long run. This is what I do with all my clients.

And that is why, to my clients, I’m more than just a financial planner.

I’m their financial partner for life.

– Hady