Right to Financial Planning

Everyone has a right to proper financial planning, or at least familiarise themselves with its fundamentals. Unfortunately, many are anxious to take the first step in educating themselves about it out of fear of being forced into an unwanted product or commitment.

This is unacceptable.

Hence, Right to Financial Planning – a platform that features advisory videos covering key financial planning concepts – has been made readily available for those who are done with fear, and are ready to start planning to make their dreams a reality.

Launch: Introduction to Your Right
Episode 1: Essentials in Life Stages
Episode 2: Hospitalisation Expenses
Episode 3: Personal Accident
Episode 4: Income Protection
Episode 5: Term vs. Whole Life
Episode 6: Critical Illness
Episode 7: Savings vs. Investment
Episode 8: Endowments vs. ILPs
Episode 9: Retirement
Episode 10: Legacy