Health is Wealth

As part of the holistic experience, Health is Wealth is the complementary element that covers an array of health tips and information that will prove beneficial to your well-being, as well as your wallet.

Presented by Hady’s very own brother, Dr. Zulkarnain A. H., he has generously spared his time and effort to share his vast knowledge about health, nutrition and medicine, as he is a firm believer in fostering a culture of continuous healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Zulkarnain is a consultant emergency physician working in an academic medical centre with a decade of experience in the specialty. While his primary areas of interest are in critical care and resuscitation, his frequent consultations with patients with complications of their chronic diseases signalled the urgent need for preventive healthcare, and, subsequently, piqued his additional interest in health and wellness.

He is an EIMS- (Exercise is Medicine Singapore) certified doctor, as well as a certified personal trainer. Having gone through his own personal health transformation, he is an advocate for early preventive healthcare.